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Should You Buy A Corded Or Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Making the right choice:

How often have you felt really fed up at continuously tripping over the vacuum cleaner cord while moving around inside the house? Or are you fast losing your mind at having to unplug your hoover time and time again as you go cleaning around your place? The time may just be perfect for you to invest in a new cordless vacuum cleaner for your beautiful home!

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With a design that operates with the help of a battery pack, most cordless vacuum cleaner models feature a charging station. This makes it possible to recharge the devices in between their cleaning runs. Also, these cordless cleaners are significantly lightweight than their corded counterparts.

Another big advantage of these cordless cleaning devices is that most of them are bagless. Unlike the conventional corded cleaners which have vacuum bags that need to be disposed off, the cordless models simply have a detachable collection chamber that simply needs to be emptied before you put it to use again.

All said and done, would it really be so easy for us to simply say goodbye to our beloved traditional corded vacuum cleaners? We have practically grown up using them around our homes and there exists a certain amount of emotional bonding as if we were family!

Corded or cordless, what's it going to be?

Like always, you are faced with that age-old dilemma of old versus new: When it comes to deciding the right piece of cleaning equipment for your home, should you buy a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner? Here we have outlined some of the important factors that will help you determine the choice with far more ease.

Suction power:

An important factor that needs to be considered when choosing between the best cordless or corded handheld vacuum cleaner is the suction power of the gadget. Greater cleaning ability is obtained from more suction power. When combined with the right kind of head or attachment, the performance gets a whole lot better. Suction power really comes into play when you are looking for a vacuum that can clean hardwood floors without damaging them.


Run times and charging:

• Corded: If you buy a corded vacuum cleaner, then run time and charging are two factors that you need worry yourself with under any circumstance whatsoever.

• Cordless: Charging and run time are two factors that give consumers seemingly sleepless nights. They have a direct relation to the power- a poor battery usually translates to a poor gadget performance.


It often proves to be a hassle when you have to drag a heavy cleaner around the house each time you wish to clean certain areas. This is a good reason for buying a handheld cleaner. Although you get the option of portability with both corded and cordless models, the latter offer greater amount of flexibility.

• Corded: With a corded vacuum cleaner, your movement is sure to get restricted a good deal. There has to be a plug-in socket nearby and, although the recent models feature long power cords, it can be a hassle if you wish to clean far-flung places such as the interiors of your car!

• Cordless: These vacuums can go with you pretty much everywhere- from your office loft to the backseat of your car! All you have to do is ensure that the thing is charged up so that it is ready to begin work. Also, you have one less wire in the house to worry about which means greater safety for the elderly as well as the raucous kids.


• Corded: On an average, the corded vacuum cleaners are priced cheaper than their cordless counterparts. At a price range of around $30-40 you will get a product with a similar or better performance that what may be obtained from the more expensive cordless models.

• Cordless: If convenience and transportability are two benefits you wish to make the most of, then you just don't have an option but to pay more. Normally, it would cost you a few hundred dollars to get your hands on a decent model. However, the price range is so vast that even for as little as $50 you can get a really good cordless cleaning gadget. If your expectations are for a product that is head and shoulders above the rest then be prepared to shell out a hefty sum.

Final verdict:

When it comes to deciding which of the two is the best handheld vacuum to buy, there really cannot be a comparison. Rather, it is just a matter of which style best suits your requirements.

Although handheld vacuums are great to have no matter what your situation, please be aware they are not the best vacuum for hardwood. If you have a lot of hardwood floor in your home, you are much better off buying a Canister vacuum with more power to draw dirt out from within the cracks without worrying about damaging the floor itself. If you give more priority to transportability and convenience, then you should opt for the cordless cleaners, which are great for spot cleaning or just cleaning around tough corners. However, for those who give greater importance to longer cleaning time and are mindful of their budget, corded vacuums can be more suitable. In the end, the final choice is in your hands! To learn more, visit: PCMag.com

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