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Options for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When hardwood floor refinishing is on the agenda, there are a few factors that need to be considered. There are some decisions to be made that might increase or decrease the amount of money completing the project will require. Hiring a professional to handle your project might be pretty expensive, as process of refinishing hardwood floors is usually complicated, time consuming and requires skillful labor. Sanding, repair, finishing and sealing are steps typically involved, each requiring time, materials and cost. 

The details of your project will determine the cost involved for you. What type of floor do you have? What are the dimensions? Does it have damaged areas? The answers to these questions will determine what the job will entail and how much time and money you’ll have to put into it. Although this can be a costly task, it will increase the overall value of the home. Whether you hire a contractor to refinish your hardwood floors or tackle the job yourself, it’s important to have some knowledge of what the project entails. This enables you to determine if the estimated cost and time frame the contractor proposed are feasible.

Hiring a Contractor

Before hiring a contractor to handle your hardwood refinishing project, you need to know a few details. Obviously the cost of the project will be a factor in who you choose to do it for you. I recommend getting several quotes, as they’re usually free, and many contractors will offer to beat the price of their competitors to win your business. You also want to be sure you’re choosing a skilled and reliable contractor. When you visit review websites, you will be able to read customer reviews of different contractors. Look for those with a good history and a majority of positive reviews. Getting referrals from friends and family members can also help you in searching for the services of a good contractor, and can also help you in determining the cost of your entire project. When considering the amount of money charged by various contractors, it’s important to know the quality of services a contractor provides. Be careful not to get lured by low prices and then get poor service. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Doing the Refinishing Job Yourself

You might also choose to do refinish the hardwood yourself. In that case, you need to gather some information about the steps involved in completing the project. There are many books and online sources that can guide you through the process and inform you as to which tools and materials will be required. It may also be helpful to talk to the staff at your local hardware store, as they can be very helpful, as well.

Tools Required

You’ll most likely need to rent a sander, and maybe even a Shop-Vac to remove the dust. You’ll also need to perform a light washing on the floor. This is the most crucial part of the refinishing process, as any untreated dust or dirt appears to be a stain on the finish.

Be sure you feel confident about performing all of the required steps before jumping into the project. Rushing into it and making mistakes can be very costly as you’ll probably need to hire a contractor just to fix up the mess. Careful planning will go a long way and help you avoid unnecessary headaches.

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